Kim Wonjoong for Brownbreath F/W 2014 lookbook (cr: hiphoper) - video

Agency Garten models Shon Minho and Joo Eojin in 메이트 (MATE) - BABY teaser

Anonymous said, "any info on jeon jun young :: )"

Here’s his profile: born January 24, 1994; height=186cm, weight=66kg

Here’s what I can dig up about him:

He is from Jeongseon, Gangwon, Korea and he studied at Kyonggi University Fashion Model School. He debuted in Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2014 (in October 2013). He was active as a model through the magazine Eyesmag and then he signed with Curmas Models in May 2014. He’s no longer on their website though so I’m a bit confused about that ^-^;

He is good friends with model Lee Ui Soo. In fact, when Joonyoung broke his arm earlier this September, Ui Soo visited him in the hospital :)

He is also friends with k-pop group FameUS’s member Lee Hanyoung and is an avid supporter of him (translation: “ㅠㅠㅠ finally finally!!!!!!!!!” and then Hanyoung’s response, “thanks our Joonyoung-i”)

He has a tattoo of Bart:


He loves hip hop fashion.

You can see him in this MV: Sool J & Pearl K - Luv Tok

His most recent activities were in Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2015, in Shinya Yamaguchi’s collection (he opened the show!):


I hope that helped you get to know him better! You can follow him on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (he is very active on the latter two)

Joo Woojae behind-the-scenes of his radio show on September 26. Many of his fans came to watch as well as models Cho Minho, Lee Hoolim, Shin Jihoon, and Kim Pilsu.

Korean models for Kai-aakmann Street 2014: Byun Wooseok, Jung Yongsoo, Lee Hoolim, Lee Seokchan, Choi Jungkab, Bae Joonseok, Lee Yongjoon, and Lee Joohyung

Jang Jinsung for ARCANE T-Veil (Black) - buy

Jang Jinsung for ARCANE T-Veil (Black) - buy

Shon Minho for Marvle interview, September 2014 (cr: agencygarten)

Anonymous said, "Hi, I'm following kmodels on Insta and it seems like there are shows with models, do you know anything about them? I've seen screencaps from "Fashion King", also do you know the show with Joo Woo Jae (he posted the ad with himself in a classroom in school uniform), and I've heard about Esteem models on running man?"

Joo Woojae’s advertisement was for a radio show that Woojae DJ-ed last Friday called “그대, 모든 짐을 내게 - 그모내 공연” (my translation attempts at that title are futile so if someone wants to translate that I’d be much obliged). Here is the daum cafe for it and here is a post kplusmodel made recently about it.


There was definitely a lot of hype about Esteem models being on Running Man because of the preview of episode 210 showing a bunch of them like Bang Tae Eun, Ha Dongjoo, Shin Jihoon, etc.


Well it turns out they played a miniscule role in the episode and just acted as sideline spectators during a tournament of alkkagi. Also, Kang Gary was sent to Esteem Model Agency to pick out a partner for his mission and he ended up picking Lee Hyejung. It was a very small part of the show unfortunately. Here is a recap of the episode on dramabeans.

"Fashion King" is a movie coming out this year starring Joo Won and Ahn Jaehyun. They actually just released a trailer for it - you can watch it here.

greenxviolet replied to your post “And they keep yong soo around who is not very skilled in order to make it seem like the girls aren’t the only ones struggling!! So guys that are actually aware of themselves get kicked off!! (No hate for yong soo he’s just not as natural? As the other boys)”

About Yongsoo - he was like that in the beginning, now he improved a lot. It may be just that he has his head in the clouds, plus introverts need time to get used to the new environment. Once he got used to it he shows better what he can do(see ep7)

I’ve seen episode 7 and *SPOILER* I do not think he deserved second place. He just sat there. I guess the judges saw something there that I didn’t.

I really hate to say anything bad about him because I can empathize with his struggle. I’m an introvert too! He is incredibly endearing to me and I adore him. But KNTM shouldn’t operate in a way to let the contestants who are struggling “get used to the new environment.” If that was a valid excuse, then no one should go home within the first three or so episodes just in case there is some potential there that was masked by the fact that they were new to the environment.

Yes, he’s improved a lot. But it took 7 episodes for him to get out of the bottom half. He’s been in the bottom half more than anyone else in the show and (at the time of their elimination) consistently lower than 6 of the 9 people eliminated so far. I don’t think it was fair for him to have come this far. And he’s still not that good.

If he somehow wins this competition, I will be so happy for him but I won’t agree with him ever getting past the first half of the season.

Anonymous said, "I have nothing against Jaehyuk as a person but he did not look like a high fashion model. I don't even understand why they accepted him in the first place. So, obviously, that was the main reason he got eliminated. And that's the reason they keep Yongsoo. I mean, Yongsoo's the tallest and the most skinny. He could be international model, that's why they gave him so many chances."

If that’s how KNTM is actually operating, only valuing natural looks over effort and knowledge how to model, then that is a sad way to run this competition. I don’t think that’s the “obvious” reason Jaehyuk was eliminated. It could very well be the reason, but it seems that you and I have a difference in opinion.

Leo Lim for LF Style lookbook (cr: agencygarten)

Anonymous said, "And they keep yong soo around who is not very skilled in order to make it seem like the girls aren't the only ones struggling!! So guys that are actually aware of themselves get kicked off!! (No hate for yong soo he's just not as natural? As the other boys)"

I like how you worded that: “aware of themselves.” That’s a good way of describing what is wrong with Yongsoo’s modeling. He doesn’t get where to look, what emotion he is showing, how his body is angled, or even what the purpose of the shoots are. I cannot fathom how he is still in and how they eliminated <won’t say his name since the episode is still new> in episode 7. It boggles my mind.

Anonymous said, "Tbh the only girl that measures up with the guy talent is Gibbeum. They messed up!! Now they're trying to kick off all the boys for various stupid reasons"


This is it, plain and straight. This is the TL;DW (too long, didn’t watch) of KNTM season 5.

Anonymous said, "hello, do you know if Lee Ui Soo and Lee Ho Jung is still in a relationship? :)"

According to koreanmodel, they’ve broken up

usaychoomisaytop said, "Hi! Do you know if Kim Jonghoon from KNTM Cycle 5 is from Esteem Model too?"

No ma’am he is not. He’s not in an agency as far as I know.

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